Play with Chaos

The CW.HOUSE is a GameFi project that is building utility for CWH NFT collections utility in form of minigames that connect with Polkadot.js wallet and unlock special features to these who hold CWH NFTs on Kusama chain.




In my opinion, Game dev and especially metaverse game projects today lack basic things like fun gameplay, optimized functionality and variety of cool game mechanics. Limiting people to one game mode makes it hard to add new features, experiment and progress towards something new. Having multiple minigames instead of one large game also eliminates the problem of having to download too large of a build, fixing the problem of clunky WebGL builds.

The games will be cross-platform, as long as your platform will support polkadot.js connection or equivalent that will work with our framework.

CWH project takes a challenge of making small games for NFT collections utility, allowing people to have a virtual world use for their NFT ownership.

Starting with basic things such as unlocking custom game items, this mechanic is scalable, allowing to build a true decentralized game economy by linking collection items into game economy.


Starting as a solo project, with help of NFT buyers this project will eventually grow in to a team lead initiative. For now however, this is a solo project of John B aka CWH.

In past 10 years I have worked in tech startups, did a lot of crypto BDM and Project Management work, tackling both technical and administrative tasks.

Before starting my freelance career, I owned a very successful Minecraft servers network built around idea of Metaverse, way before Metaverse were a thing. It had custom coded mods that supported quests with GUI and Database, as well as custom items like magic staffs, pets and other NPCs, custom loot and boss fights. CW.House project is a continuation of this passion, but with modern tools and built as it’s own separate thing.

In my past I’ve built a few small games in Unity3d, and although I can’t claim to be a pro game developer, my skills in 3d game asset creation are on the level with modern game requirements thanks to an intensive training I was undergoing each day for an extended amount of time. Before becoming pro in 3d asset creation, I used to draw 2d art and sculpt in zBrush as hobby. I also made a gig with metallic construction architecture in 3d as my first professional work, and also did a bunch of 3d commissions before minting my own 3d collections.


Jan – March 2022

  • Minting of “Budget Spaceships” collection on KSM chain for crowdfunding
  • Completion of Whitepaper
  • Initial Singleplayer prototype for Space Hunters minigame
  • Establishment of Partnerships

April – May 2022

  • Alpha dev stage for the first utility game with Polkadot.js connection “Space Hunters” — a 3d space arcade
  • Hiring people to manage social media and help with game mechanics development
  • RMRK2 integration to allow people teleport their NFTs to RMRK2 chain (Uncertain atm)
  • New Mints + rewards to holders

June – July 2022

  • Start of work towards development of the “Open World” minigame
  • New mints and rewards to holders
  • New collection “Renderverse” that will provide each holder of lb Spaceship with a 4k render of their 3d ship, in form of image or video (to be decided), allowing to use it in 2d metaverses as well.

September – November 2022

  • Updates for existing minigames, possibly release of new ones as well depending on how much wind will be under our sails at this point
  • Partnerships with other NFT creators to build utility minigames for their projects

December 2022 – February 2023

  • Completion of main collections
  • Additional collection for utility items that will server as resources for game economy, at least 20% of which will be airdropped to NFT holders of “Budget Spaceships” and “Rarest Spaceships“.

The content of this Whitepaper is not a public offer, and is subject to change. In other words – no promises. Like many other NFT artists, I’m just a dude building a NFT collection with my artistic skills, though I do have a plan, experience and will to stick to it. The dates might change, features might be added or removed.