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ETD tech demo

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that we have released an early playable build of Evil Tower Defense! While it’s still a work in progress and has plenty of bugs, we wanted to give our players a chance to get a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on. play it in browser Keep… Read more »

Thoughtful Tweets collection #1

Here’s a list of AI generated thoughtful tweets so I don’t have to tweet these one by one on twitter and de-boost my Elon Musk social credit even further.   1. “We are all connected in this world, and just like the stars in the night sky, our paths will eventually intertwine.” #OneLove 2. “Change… Read more »

How AI Can Help Creative People Make More in Less Time

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is revolutionizing the creative industries, enabling creative professionals to do more in less time and create even more impressive results. Here are just a few ways how AI can help creative people make more in less time: Text-to-Image Generation Text-to-image generation is a powerful AI-based technology that can generate realistic images… Read more »

Discover the Exciting World of KuCraft Minecraft Server

Are you looking for an exciting and unique way to experience Minecraft? Then look no further than KuCraft Minecraft Server! This amazing server offers an RPG-style adventure that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Here are just a few of the exciting features you’ll find on KuCraft Minecraft Server. Quests and Level… Read more »

CWH Arcade

CW.House – The Future of WebGL Gaming CW.House is about to revolutionize online gaming with its new WebGL games arcade. This new platform will allow gamers to play WebGL games from any device, for free. It will also support cross-platform gaming, meaning that players can enjoy the same game regardless of the device they are… Read more »

Evil Tower Defense

Evil Tower Defense – The Ultimate Tower Defense Game Are you ready to take on the challenge of defending your kingdom against the never-ending waves of enemies? Then Evil Tower Defense (ETD) is the game for you! ETD is a tower defense game created by a solo developer in Unity3D, and it is sure to… Read more »

Future of KuCraft and

NFT Lands is a project that will allow people to play several different minigames on their browser. The project is also aimed to support a variety of gaming servers, with the first one being a Minecraft RPG server called KuCraft. People who hold Metaverse Land NFTs or Legendary/Epic astro pilot capsules will be able to… Read more »