Brave new world

Yesterday I got banned from twitter for pulling a stupid dad joke in Elon Musk’s comments.

Take a look at what we are no longer allowed to say on Twitter:

Initially I though it was some kind of mistake, and that I was probably banned by some AI which is not aware about concept of nuance` and simply runs one size fits all kind of job.


When I sent an appeal to their team, I got this response:


I find it interesting how at the same time censorhip started to grow in size on various platforms like Discord, Reddit, Minecraft, Twitch, and Twitter. We are no longer allowed to express not just our thoughts, but even a harmless joke which doesn’t mean to offend anybody.

On the good side, now that I don’t need to frantically check notifications, I do have time to set up this website which is a good thing.

I’m planning to start doing more YouTube content, and finally make an account on SubSocial. Let’s see where this road will take us.

You can always keep in touch with project news on our Discordย 


John CWH

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