Private Minecraft server that uses custom authentication to bypass Microsoft‘s restrictive policies


NFT holders get bonuses in the game, but the NFTs are independent of the server and tied directly to the CW.House metaverse hub

The project will eventually expand to include a custom online RPG game and a space arcade game

KuCraft is a community Minecraft server that has custom plugins and settings. It is built around Play to Earn events and grinding for RMRK 2.0 NFTs. The server has an integrated MOVR blockchain wallet, with a wallet address generated to each player. If you hold a land NFT or NFT with a whitelist pass, you can earn ingame money and exchange it to $xcKSM tokens in the game shop. You can initiate the exchange process in our discord by DMing CWH#0039

NFTs that power CW.House

Astro Pilots

  • Common: Comes with a spot in the NFT gallery + 1 Astro Pilot
  • Rare: Comes with a whitelist spot and one item drop + 3 Astro Pilots
  • Epic: Comes with a whitelist spot and VIP perks, owners will also receive 2 NFT items postreveal + 5 Astro Pilots
  • Legendary: Comes with a piece of land on the Spawn City of KuCraft, land is tied to NFT and if you sell NFT + 10 Astro Pilots

 Tier also includes: Whitelist spot, SuperVIP perks  All tiers (capsules) will be revealed with a random Astro Pilot



Metaverse Lands

Land ownership ranks

  • Wild One – Doesn’t own any property
  • Knight (Citizen) – Owns city land plot. Weekly reward: 1000
  • Lord – owns 100×100+. Weekly reward: 2000
  • Baron – owns 150×150+. Weekly reward: 3000
  • Count – owns 200×200+. Weekly reward: 4000
  • Marquis – owns 400×400+. Weekly reward: 8000
  • Duke – owns 400×600+. Weekly reward: 10000
  • King – owns 1000×1000+. Weekly reward: 25000

Weekly reward comes via in-game money by opening bonus chests every week in the portal room near the world center. In-game money can be used to purchase items and artifacts in the game shops.



Play Space Hunters (Prototype)

Play 3d Platformer prototype (outdated)